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Full Version: Arriva North West - Runcorn Depot
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Talk about Arriva Runcorn depot here Smile
marshall from bolton not comin its VOR crash damaged at bolton, whoever managed that * brilliant driving* as you lot needed that marshall bad

another thing 2 or 3 days ago i was in warrington and last 110 did not come
(09/06/2012 07:09)bolton bus basher Wrote: [ -> ]another thing 2 or 3 days ago i was in warrington and last 110 did not come

And this is a surprise to you? :P Runcorn are always dropping journies and when they dont, buses are always ridiculously late. I've already lodged a complaint with Arriva about it and surprise surprise I haven't got a reply. They need to sort their bloody act out and fast.
Saw on the VOSA thread that there's been an alteration to the route of the 110.*
I imagine it might be not to serve West Bank on Sundays; anyone know anything concretely though?

* Given as 110/15 -- I assume that 15 is an old service number, which had something in common with the 14?
I know nothing of the change yet mate, however it will be up on the Halton Council site soon I'd imagine.

Surprisingly not mate! The 15 is an early morning works service to serve workers of the Rocksavage Power Plant. I've only seen it a few times, that was in one week when I was on work experience over in Runcorn, was passing through Old Town at about 7:45 when I used to see it!
7632 back in service at runcorn and 7635 is also there
info credit driver at runcorn
7617 on 82A today
Pulsar 2 MX09 LXU (2949) was on the 79C today!
2419 broke down at Green Oaks this morning, was towed away about half ten.
Its not even been out in a long time, and now it breaks down?
Been nothing but trouble since it got here. Becoming a recurring theme with these Ex Speke DAF Cadets!
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