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Full Version: Arriva North West - Runcorn Depot
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(05/11/2012 16:09)K101HUM Wrote: [ -> ]The Enviro400's being extensively refreshed should also enter service in a sprayed silver livery, in their case though to reflect the new 'Platinum' branding.

whats this silver thing first i have heard
Yes but is it normal livery but the cow horn in silver instead of cream? And you say gemini for LS will be the same livery very intresting have any double deckers been done anywhere in the country atm for a trial?
and sorry for going off topic
(05/11/2012 11:39)R557 ABA Wrote: [ -> ]There is a picture of one of the new MAN EcoCity's on the MEN website released today,
That livery looks amazing; it really suits that body! I hope that Arriva haven't specified their standard Civic V0/Civic V3 seating because the seats that were on WX61 HSL (the demonstrator which went to Green Lane depot) were comfortable and made the already-smooth-ride even better.

I overheard people commenting on that EcoCity during my work experience at Liverpool Council and they were positive reviews - warm interior and a comfortable ride. They should improve the 1/2 - the services which normally have several "unfit-for-service" buses on them! LOL
The North West Bus Blog has just added a picture of 5000 at the Euro Bus Expo, from what I can see, it has leather seating, unsure of the type though.

Credit: The North West Bus Blog
Looks like DP Civics to me!
But yes, they are that E Leather stuff, im told will be a similar spec to the X1 Pulsars.
A photo of the interior has appeared on Flickr:

They are indeed a similar spec to the X1 Pulsars, and VERY dull and depressing as well.
The rearmost windows look a bit porthole-ish
generally looks ugly and cheap would look better in standard arriva livery rather than the metroshutle 300 livery (well similar livery
not keen on the full rear LEDs either
The interior does look a bit drab. I actually think fabric seats would have looked better and brightened it up a bit!
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