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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Totally agree. They are immaculate inside and put Arrivas batch to shame..
Network Warrington will be providing a free shuttle to Sunday's Disability Awareness Day at Walton Gardens.
(The X99 is also running again this year).
(26/06/2014 19:57)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]It could just be a slip, but the '03 VDL's could be gone soon, as the table for fleet numbers 36 to 82 has "41 to 82" at the top.
36 has a tachograph, so planning would be needed to account for that.
They all still seem to be in great working order though, and I'm sure will continue to be for a good few years yet.

Just to follow up on this, an amended fleet list has appeared on the website, showing this now as "35 to 82":
The date given on the fleet list is unchanged: 24th June 2014.
Interesting to see that bus 35 is in fact a 6 cylinder Y plate Dart. Can't be right surely? Thought these Y examples all went to scrap late last year?
(20/07/2014 08:30)RSTurbo50 Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting to see that bus 35 is in fact a 6 cylinder Y plate Dart. Can't be right surely? Thought these Y examples all went to scrap late last year?

Something is definitely wrong there, as that registration number was given as fleet no. 25 on the fleet list dated 28/03/2013.
On that older fleet list, no. 35 is given as having registration number DG53 FLH with date new being 06/10/03.
But this is exactly the same as fleet number 36 on both fleet lists ... so that can't be right either!

EDIT: From Flickr photos, it seems that 35 is DG53 FLH and 36 is DG53 FLJ -- unless this has changed in the few years since the photos were taken, for whatever reason.
Unless former Dart 25 has been reintroduced as fleet number 35. But I can't understand why this would have replaced one of the VDLs
Warrington was recently successful with this 2015/6 LSTF bid:

Some highlights:

4.2 Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
What: To introduce a modern RTPI system in Warrington Provision of passenger information displays at key bus stops, the Town Centre bus interchange and main rail stations. Provision of real time information on the Council’s website
Where: Across Warrington with an emphasis on the key corridors leading to priority employment areas
How: Partnership with Network Warrington and other bus operators to upgrade (or renew) on-board GPS devices Procurement of a delivery partner for installation of at-stop displays

This -- rather cheeky in my view, given the state of the present RTPI systems -- comment also appears there:

RTPI would provide greater surety of arrival times for existing users, increasing the reliability of the bus services, encouraging increased passenger use.

In fact, the programme will use the existing screens, plus other new ones:

The project is due to start during 2014/15 using existing resources but it is expected that many additional new display screens will be required at key locations on the bus network during 2015/16 including at shelters in the principal employment areas.

The following -- which will not come as a surprise -- also appears in the report:

The Connect 17 bus service is unlikely to be continued in its original form after April 2015. A revised service which retains a viable east/west bus service is being developed in discussion with Network Warrington.
Network Warrington has confirmed via Twitter that the 5 will be extended to Altrincham off-peak.
But how frequently and using what route are still unknown.
No doubt there will be a bit of juggling round vehicle wise to find enough single decks to operate the additional journeys on 5 depending on how frequent its going to be
It will most probally just be one an hour sent through to altrincham which will only need the 1 or 2 extra buses in the timetable.
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