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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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The reason for the B7 Gemini out last Saturday and maybe future Saturdays is due to the increased need for Merits/Cadets for Park and Ride duties as this sees most of Warringtons allocation out, even the Centerlink Cadet was out last Saturday was usually on Saturdays its parked up in the Depot.

Speaking of the Centerlink Branded Cadet, its still branded up for Centerlink route but when I was in Warrington on Friday I noticed it on 17 Gorse Covert-Warrington via Chapelford service
(24/11/2012 19:48)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]It's interesting that they're out on that route.
I noticed that a lot of the demonstrators went out on that route (in its former form and along with old sister service 4) much of the time too.

With two vehicles, you can cover all workings on that route, and it doesn't venture too far from town centre. A nice treat for Manchester Road whilst they're being run in!

Quote:It seems as though none has yet gone out on the 17(a) or on the Wilderspool corridor, but there's plenty of time yet!

The 17(a) will get diesel Versas next year, so I wouldn't expect to see hybrids venture out that way. Both the 5 and the 6/7 require four vehicles each, so are likely suspects. Whilst I'd like to see them in Altrincham, I think there'll be more bang for bucks by sticking them on the 6/7 route, which was also an early convert to low-floor vehicles.
Would not mind a Hybrid Versa on a Northwich route tbh better than a cadet/merit even a eclipse or a decker be better as every time i go I have a older cadet its a nice route that Warrington to Northwich but hate Cadets/Merits
After speaking to a driver today - the Versa's will be used on the 45/6 Northwich's instead of Merits now! Which is good!
A number of the ex Network Warrington Marshall Capitals are now with 'Select Bus & Coach' in South Wales, they loved the Network Warrington livery so much, they have copied it and applied it to another Capital!
Forgot to mention this but one of the V reg deckers was on the 20 last night. First time I have ever seen this?
I also witnessed this last night. Makes sense to be honest as they are busy services..
Yeah I agree with you there. I've rode the V reg deckers a few times recently and I can't say they are the greatest of vehicles. They seem to rattle a lot and the seats are unbelievably uncomfortable on them.
Iv driven them mate and they are rubbish.the 53 plate decker is a much nicer drive. However, you put your foot down and nothing happens. Second or two later, it picks up beautifully....
A marshall is apparently off to a local fire station minus a few bits after being stripped in the depot. Bus 3 was mentioned but seeing as this one was one of the first to be withdrawn Jd have thought this would be well gone by now!
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