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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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As for X18 I have to disagree with your comment that X18 Gullivers World gets little custom as depending on the weather it can be a busy service, it certainly was quite busy when I had a ride on it last week with a driver I know who works for Network Warrington, I would have hated seeing how all the passengers we picked up would have fitted on a Solo or a Cadet
Well that's good to hear!
When I've seen it it's been near empty, but I'm probably just looking at the wrong times Big Grin
Changes to the 17 have now come through on VOSA.
There was a Solo on the 48 today; also, an Eclipse 2 was on the 2.
An Eclipse was on the 45/6 (Northwich - Barnton/Lostock - Warrington) On friday, Too
I wonder whether it's just one of those things, or whether it's a deliberate attempt to test slightly a larger vehicle in preparation for the Versas: I remember a driver having a bit of trouble with the Versas' front ends on the 5 on some of the narrower lanes.

On a separate note, dart 23 appeared to have broken down in Penketh about 17:40.
Or at least it was completely stationary, driverless and I couldn't immediately see any other staff there either, but I was just travelling past so couldn't check thoroughly.
funny thing is a minibus was on the 45 today
You mean optare solo Terrance
Does anyone know which vehicle is on the X99 today, on its last day of operation?
Not sure whether to head out and get a photo.
Something interesting today: a 32 went out of service (still setting down) while going around its dedicated estate in Penketh.
This was at 1524, so only about 11 minutes behind schedule.
Anyone have any idea what might have caused this?

In other news, there are some new items on the website: providing a bus for a wedding, success at the Bus Driver of the Year competition, and branding a now-empty shop unit in town.
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