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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Got told by a friend of mine at Network Warrington yesterday that apparantly all the remaining Darts are due to be sold next year with hopefully more Geminis replacing them and also there's what sounds like a major revamp of services planned early next year with some services curtailed or withdrawn and being replaced by other services

Also apparently Network Warrington have already got at least 2 bookings next year for the Olympian Open Topper though I'm not sure what these bookings are

Other news is that probably for the first time yesterday (could be wrong) apart from one duty most buses on 28/A Leigh-Warrington services were operating by double deckers, mostly Volvo B7 ALX400s with one of the Geminis also out as well.

Hybrid Versa's were noted on the following routes: 4A, 6,8/9, 23A, 45/46, 101
there is apparently more ex london gemini 1's due and the 28 will soon be 100 percent gem from what i got told
(23/12/2012 10:01)bolton bus basher Wrote: [ -> ]there is apparently more ex london gemini 1's due and the 28 will soon be 100 percent gem from what i got told

I saw an ALX400 on route 28 on November 17th. Apparently this was to release Cadets for the Christmas Park & Ride but now it seems to have been the start of the regular conversion to double-deck. I think London General will soon withdraw around 30 Geminis from Merton garage, displaced by ex-route 24 Enviro400s and ex-route 36 Presidents, so maybe some of these will come to Warington?
thats what i was told by someone over that end, should find out for sure soon
Yeah I was told back in April this year that most of the darts will be gone by April next year. Real shame as lovely buses in great condition. Iv driven a few and bus 20 in particular is like a rocket.
Still they use a lot of fuel and emissions are not great so can understand why they will be going..
From what I was told apparantly Network Warrington Management have allegedly done a deal with Ensigns that will see all the remaining Marshall Darts sold and replaced by Geminis
Thanks for passing on the above: and to think, some of us were worrying we'd never see deckers in normal service again at Warrington a short while back LOL

It seems that there's quite a bit of dissatisfaction with the lack of local knowledge and background of the management at Warrington, and the way it's going.
Drivers are also getting pretty annoyed at having to explain where they're going to customers who get on the 17 by mistake, especially at the stop outside Warrington Collegiate.
What are you trying to say Valandil about local knowledge only from what I can gather an keeep hearing is that drivers are very happy at Network Warrington and some of them even treat it like a family run firm as it has that feeling about it, a company that actually looks after the well being of its staff and that is interested in any problems that might arise
Let me say from my experiences many of the staff at the company are unhappy. That's not me causing a rumour, its factual. Morale is not great at the moment...
Does anyone know how the 1/2/22 boards work?
From what I've noticed, sometimes a vehicle comes in and goes straight back out again, and other times there's quite a bit of layover, say if going from a 2 to a 1.

I hope a rejig of the timetables wouldn't end up with more stuff being like the new 4a.
I would much rather have a service every half hour than every 25 minutes!
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