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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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(12/08/2014 22:09)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]Ah right, from what I have been able to work out, the 16A at 15:10 carries on the same pattern as would be expected before 3pm, that is it comes off the 15, with the overall pattern being 13out -> 18in -> 14 -> 16 -> 18out -> 13in -> 15 -> 16A on loop.
I can't be completely certain because I haven't been able to dedicate a huge amount of time to working these things out, but I think the vehicle which does these workings also does a 12 followed by a 25 in the morning before settling down for the day.

Everything goes up in the air at about 3pm though, and there is all kinds of crazy interworking.
Even where you would expect to know what will happen, it might not, e.g. the 29A goes on to a 29C then a 2 (the one leaving on the hour) and back around during the day -- but when it gets to 3pm that 29C goes onto the 21 leaving on the hour instead.
Then you can get Eclipses and deckers on the 29's!
Ouch! How confusing! Hammer

I did see an Eclipse on the 29C this evening!
I noticed last week the Eclipses seem to be everywhere. Seen them in Leigh quite often and think it was last Friday when I seen one of them on the 22 at Newton Station.
The Eclipses seem to be getting about more and more these days I've even seen a couple on 45/46 Northwich routes
The Eclipses definitely are getting about a bit these days: they're often found on 1/2/19/22/28, 3/4A, 8/9, 13/14/15/16/16A/18, 20/21, 23/23A/25, 45/46 during the day, but can even be found on other routes in the peaks!
(12/08/2014 20:12)Dentonian Wrote: [ -> ]Whilst short distance fares (for necessary journeys to the Job Centre, GP surgery, nearest Supermarket etc) are universally horrendous outside London, I can't think of any examples in deegulated Britain where there is such a massive weekly cost for such a small network. Nevertheless, the cynic in me still says the CMA will not allow Stagecoach to take advantage, but given Arriva already have a prescence in Warrington, it would be interesting to see what happens if they compete on limited corridors, purely on cost, rather than "six minutes in front of" registrations.
Alternatively, whether Fairbrothers or not, what is needed is a good quality independant, capable of running what it registers, because the gap in fares for regular passengers is so massive, that an independant could afford to undercut WBT considerably, and run a reliable, proffessional operation.

I don't think that any independent will ever have the resources to operate a network large enough to compete with operators as big as WBT. Most of those who have tried to compete elsewhere (Liverpool, Manchester, etc.) tend to:
1. Go bust, or,
2. Get into trouble with the vehicle inspectors and/or the Traffic Commissioners, or,
3. Try to grow too fast / too large for their management capabilities and then either go bust, sell out to a larger operator, give up, or downsize to just compete for tendered services, or revert mainly to coach operations.

Those independents who remain relatively small, and do not try to expand too much tend to survive longest.
(13/08/2014 19:58)Dentonian Wrote: [ -> ]It also occurs to me that this situation could lead Conservative MPs to call for the enforced privatisation of all remaining English municipals.

It is a real shame the situation we are in, and I hope that this does not happen.
I strongly hope that NW can keep going and rediscover its former glory.

While popular at the moment to call for another company to barge in and 'sort things out', it is likely that the people of Warrington would regret calling for companies who are even more motivated by profit than NW is.
How many Sunday runs are hitting the big bucks? -- very few I imagine.
Would another company be itching to reinstate a Sunday night service in the town without council funding? -- highly unlikely.
The grass, while yellow in patches, probably isn't that much greener on the other side overall.
A petition against the fare changes has been made and is already at over 80% of its target 1000 signatories:
The thing is the business has made this decision to increase fares to prevent service cuts at the present fare levels , its a hard decision to balance out .
(14/08/2014 11:32)wirralbus Wrote: [ -> ]The thing is the business has made this decision to increase fares to prevent service cuts at the present fare levels , its a hard decision to balance out .

i`m still shocked by the £24 cost of the weekly ticket, a ticket that barely takes you out of the town, Arriva`s All Area one at £19.50 takes you all over the North West and deep into Wales, they actually have a Network unlike Network Warrington who basically are all brand and no substance. comparison prices Arriva Merseyside weekly £15, Halton Weekly £16,Stagecoach Liverpool £13, So The Passengers of Warrington must feel ripped off !
Coverage of the fare rises on the Warrington Guardian website:
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