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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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(14/01/2013 19:45)motormayhem Wrote: [ -> ]So who will be doing this 33 service or is it still unknown.

It doesn't seem to be in the public domain yet.
Burtonwood's 329 service will also be changing some time soon following a successful bid to extend it to Daresbury.
1st march i asked arriva on facebook
(14/01/2013 20:03)bolton bus basher Wrote: [ -> ]1st march i asked arriva on facebook

Great news: thanks for passing on.
Just awaiting confirmation off chesire council which route they want the 329 to go.
All looks a bit messy to me!
(14/01/2013 20:08)motormayhem Wrote: [ -> ]Just awaiting confirmation off chesire council which route they want the 329 to go.

Cheshire Council? That was abolished in 2009, and the route won't enter either Cheshire East or Cheshire West anyway (Daresbury is in Halton).
Im just going off what i got told in work today as its funded by someone so if its not cheshire council then god knows but there awaiting for confirmation off someone which route its to take.
(14/01/2013 20:09)Nicholas Wrote: [ -> ]All looks a bit messy to me!

I agree!

I've had a go at working out the 29/30/31/32, and think it's likely to be the following:
1 vehicle: 29(55-49)
5 vehicles: 32(00-32) -> 29(37-11) -> 29(15-25) -> 32(30-02) -> 31(07-45) -> 30(49-21) -> 30(24-56)

As for the 329, the bid was led by St. Helens, with Warrington and Halton as tags-along, so no doubt it will be these who all will agree on the route/timetable to be of use to commuters/residents in their area.
(14/01/2013 19:18)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]3, 23(a) and 25 will all become every 20 minutes with 10 vehicles probably working 3 -> 23(a) -> 25 (decker operated?)
4a becomes every 20 minutes (will probably have to interwork -- not sure what with -- since otherwise only 2 minutes' layover!)

A certain logic - though the 3 has been (at least) every 15 since deregulation - given the recent closure of Woolston High and the option of the parallel 4A. The 23(A) matches the 24 for much of the route, whilst there'll still be a 10-min frequency to/from Enfield Park Road via the combined 23/25.

Quote:The Sunday 7 seems to be curtailed to the Cobbs Estate, but not sure why because it looks like there's layover at the terminus!

Possibly traffic related, not enough time to get to Shadewood Crescent and back reliably, though it looks like use of that terminus is terminated. Also note the Sunday 5 doesn't serve Statham - again, possibly running-time related, yet likely to cause a fuss - but there will be a combined half-hourly frequency along the Causeway once more, hoorah.

Quote:I wonder whether 29/30/31/32 will be entirely Solo operated (new PVR seems to be 6).

Given there are only six Solos, I suspect not: only the 31 needs it. The 10C seems like a route that would warrant a Solo as well.

Also, just to note that there are still extra workings on routes like the 3 and the 18/18A in the rush-hour above the quoted frequencies. 29 also gets some earlier Saturday journeys and a later last working.
The Saturday 16(a) seems to be a bit of a mess!
Combined every 12 minutes, but with 2 16a's per hour.
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