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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Does anyone have a contact number or email address for Howards and where are they based?
Here is their Facebook page, there is a phone number on there.

I'm not sure if they require drivers or anything, always worth asking though!
This is actually old news, but I only found out about it when a mate told me the other day.

The 17 is now serving the Callands estate (the bit near Westbrook that the 18 serves in both directions and the 18a in one direction), as well as the Gemini Retail Park.
You can see the route update on the latest online version of the route map.
just seen a cadet (55) leaving JL Airport with private hire on.
do any of the double deckers ever work normal services and if so which routes please
I have seen them in Leigh on 19/28/28A.
They're the main ones!
You're also relatively likely to find one on the 8/9.
There is also a temporary X18 service to Gulliver's World, which is generally operated by an ALX400.
You can also see one on the Lingley Mere Business Park and O2 shuttles, but you can't get on these services without being an employee.

But with the schools being off at the moment, the landscape is a bit different to normal.
Add the BPS employee-only service to that list too, now that that seems to be decker-operated most of the time!

From VOSA, the 4(a) is to get a route change in October.
I would have thought that if any change were made, it would be to renumber everything to 4, and run as 4a, since it seems like there is enough time in the timetable to donate an extra couple of minutes to serving the full estate.
But I don't think that that can be it, since I think that would require amendments to 'route and timetable'.
Could be an omission by VOSA as I've noticed similar mistakes being made with other similar revisions.
When working Warrington, I drove the double deckers on the 3, 8, 9, 23, 23a and I know they also do the Leigh and Vulcan routes....
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