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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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TfGM reporting on its Service Changes pages that the new journeys to/from Partington will be operated as service 5.
Lol, amended from "Timetable details will be on this website, 3 weeks prior to the start of the new service revisions." to "2 weeks":
There is an ad in this weeks Warrington Guardian listing the changes.
Timetables now online:

A few observations:
○ Chapelford and Whittle Hall lose their link to Westbrook.
○ The new service 10 is every 30 minutes and runs down Farrell Street, which I don't recall ever having had a regular public bus service before.
○ The distinction between the 11 and 11A has changed, with the 'A' meaning running along Wilderspool Causeway.
○ There is additional layover on the Stockton Heaths, which now get an extra half-hour spread over a run to Altrincham and a run to either Northwich or Appleton Thorn; the flipside is that the 6 gets less running time (3 minutes). The 7/8 generally switch over at Appleton Thorn. Warrington and Arriva now both have a service 7 in the town again. Buses on service 5 calling at Lymm High School will turn around there before going back to pick up the route again, missing no stops out. I assume that the last journey on service 35 on Saturdays departs Warrington at 13:43, not 09:43.
○ The co-ordinated frequencies to Penketh and Sankey seem to have been planned well.
○ The 32A/E route has changed but the opportunity to remove the 'A' on the service number has been missed (the 4A keeps its 'A' as well). It will now keep the same route all day, no longer being diverted away from the estate which it used to omit to avoid the schools at around 9am and 3pm.
○ There will have to be long interworking patterns, as is usual for Warrington. No obvious solution seems to jump out, but I'm thinking something along the lines of
2 -> 4A -> 3 -> 13 -> 15 -> 32A -> 16 -> not sure, as well as 10 -> 11 -> 12, and 1 -> 14 -> 16A, and 18/19 -> 22 -> 25 -> 23A.
From observations, it seems like now we have: 3 -> 13 -> 15 -> 32A
We also seem to have: (1 ->) 14 -> 16A -> 20/21
As well as the old: 25 -> 23A -> 19 -> 22
The 10/11/12 do seem to interwork, but I don't think the pattern is as straightforward as one going on to the next, but time will tell.

The Westy terminus is getting rather crowded with the 1/2/10/11(A)/12/1C all fighting for space, particularly if someone is a bit early and needs to wait time.

We now have the following destinations:
7 Appleton Thorn
10 Edgewater Park
11(A) Westy & Gainsboro Road (or something like that)
12 Westy & Loushers Lane (or something like that)
13 Whittle Hall
14 Penketh & Sankey Circ
15 Penketh & Sankey Circ
The Westy terminus has indeed been somewhat congested today
Nice surprise to see that deckers are sometimes used on the 10, 11 and 12.
With all the extra buses going to Westy and lots of them being Eclipses or deckers, they do seem to have rather a lot of resource thrown at them ... though Network Warrington must consider that justified to try and see off the Fairbrothers competition.
Gemini on the 46 today.

They do also seem to be taking a while to get these Routemaster geminis out into service.
Nice, it will also probably have been on 45 too then.
Slightly sad to have missed that!
(21/09/2016 18:39)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, it will also probably have been on 45 too then.
Slightly sad to have missed that!

Has been on the 45 and 46 again today. It is nice to see a double decker on these routes once more. Hopefully will ride on them in the next few days.
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