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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Yeah, it's to the Walton Arms pub, for Walton Gardens, a popular park.
If you know Arriva's X30 (or Halton's 31 before it was axed Angry), it follow that route out of Warrington Town Centre.
I drove fleet number 110 today, lovely smooth vehicle I have to say!!
By April next year Warrington will have no more than 10 Marshall Darts operating. The majority are being taken off the road to be replaced by the 12 Electric-Diesels Optare buses to be delivered within the next few months!
Glad it's all going well for you at Warrington!
I can only speak from a passenger's point of view, but I find the Cadets here some of the best vehicles around.
I know lots of people on this forum hate Cadets, but surely even they would have to back down after having seen the Warrington examples.
I reckon it's just because these vehicles have been looked after so much better than elsewhere.

There was an article about those new Versas in the Guardian a while back.
I've heard that these likely to go on the services to Northwich and those through Grappenhall.
But I don't know what will be going on the new Birchwood service via Chapelford, Westbrook et c. (which apparently has a PVR of 6, but I can't work out why since I don't think it takes 3 hours to get there and back).

Don't think it's been reported here: St. Helens, in conjunction with Warrington and Halton, has recently been successful in a bid to improve the Arriva 329 service, which will run (possibly with a different service number) all the way to Daresbury Innovation Park or whatever it's called these days, via Burtonwood and Warrington Town Centre.
After driving Arriva Runcorns Cadets, the Warrington Cadets are in another league. Extremely smooth, quiet and much more responsive. They dont rattle like Runcorns. Even the old Marshall Darts are in nicer condition......
Left my position as a driver today. Only been at the compamny a short while. Cant say a bad word about WBT, fantastic company to work for. However, I love the driving but the rest of the job, dealing with passengers, running to time, early and late finishes etc etc is just not for me.
ever tried a coach company?
I have thought about it mate but I don't know where to look to be honest. From what I can gather, most companies require manual license holders as I only have automatic. I absolutely love driving and enjoy the buses the rest of the job was it for me....

Any ideas on coach companies?
A company such as Howards may be right up your street. The vast majority of their fleet is automatic with the majority of work being private hire and rail replacements, with a few schools chucked in for good measure as well. So you are able to drive normal buses without necessarily having to have as much customer interaction (Giving out tickets and such like).
i would also try hattons, a few of their staff have recently left
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