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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Through on VOSA:

Variation Accepted: Operating between Warrington Interchange and Gorse Covert given service number 17/17A effective from 13-Jan-2014. To amend Route and Timetable.
With Coachways cancelling the 104, I wonder whether the frequency of the 4a will be upped ...
Unfortunately, I doubt it.
Has the 104 been running lately only I've been told that since the regular driver who used to drive regularly retired the service hasn't run
Optare Versa 100 on 22 this afternoon.
News is through on the changes to the 17 from 13th January:

The main points are:
○ Birchwood Park won't be served at weekends
○ Oakwood and Gorse Covert will not be served on any journeys (main terminus is Birchwood Station)
○ Orford Jubilee Park will no longer be served
○ Other route changes in Orford
○ The frequency on Sundays is halved

The Sunday changes in particular seem like they will bring with them substantial changes to the running boards.
It looks possible that vehicles won't stick to just the 17 on Saturdays as well, though I'm not certain on that.
Here's a pointless challenge (just for fun) to ring in the new year!
See if you can get a photo of a 17 displaying 'Fearnhead'.

Hint: this won't be possible after certain changes coming soon!
Heard from someone on Friday that the company are to receive two new Enviro 300 buses in February..
Fare changes from Sunday 9th of February:

Considering that the size of the network is smaller than most cities and with now much reduced frequencies, I find £5.00 for an adult day rover quite shocking when you compare with other companies.
Surely the management must see that it's false logic to think that putting prices up and cutting services automatically means a better and/or more profitable business.
In the short term, they may well get more money, but it is clear the direction in which the company is going, and people are desperately searching for alternatives to bus travel (especially those on the 3/19/23/25 routes, which seem to be complained about endlessly).

Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see what the coming Network Review throws up, but I imagine that most of it will be more bad news.

To RSTurbo50, that's interesting news.
They did have a demonstrator Enviro for a while, and to me at least, I thought it was better than many of the other demonstrators (especially the Optare Tempo).
From talking to Stagecoach drivers though, I know that many drivers hate Enviro 200's because the cabs are tiny, but maybe things are different in the 300's (I've not heard any comments).

Some have said to me in the past things along the lines of, "Warrington would never get Enviros," but maybe that will be proven false soon!
It's very expensive travelling on Network Warrington as it is and now the fares are going up it wouldn't suprise me if people looked at alternatives. May well be good for Fairbrothers..
What's with the very specific timetables upto year 2021 on their website? !
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