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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Now that the 20 and 21 assumedly don't usually interwork during the day due to their branding, where are the deckers usually allocated?
Could it be on 25 -> 11 -> 1?
Could be anywhere Valandi, depends on the allocation on the day. I had a decker on my duty a few days ago which included an 18, 1 and a 22...
O seen one on the 14 yeasterday.
VDL Cadet 57 in Liverpool now on Rail Rep parked on St Johns Lane
Ah okay, thanks. Before the recent timetable changes, there seemed to be particular workings which got deckers (or failing that, Eclipses) almost every day.
I guess that deckers on the 14 carry on to do a 16A, but then not sure what they would go onto then, as it usually used to be a 20/21/22, though I think some also used to have a quick nap then go back onto a 14.
The Volvo deckers are great buses. The DAFs I still need convincing...
(30/09/2017 22:13)RSTurbo50 Wrote: [ -> ]The DAFs I still need convincing...

I wonder how long they actually have left anyway, as they are getting quite old now.
The DAFs are the newest deckers in the fleet, all 04 plates.
(30/09/2017 10:18)E208 WBG Wrote: [ -> ]VDL Cadet 57 in Liverpool now on Rail Rep parked on St Johns Lane

83 & 84 also seen on rail replacements today (1 Oct.)
A Pops branded eclipse was out in Chester last night around 19:00 on the rail replacements.
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