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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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(16/11/2015 21:05)Bevan Price Wrote: [ -> ]Solo 206 was in Warrington Bus Station on Saturday morning (14 Nov.)

There where also several out today on a number of different services.
Ahh I see. A member of the garage staff told me they had been Withdrawn as of Friday last week. Looks like this isnt the case then..
Three of the Solos have been sold to Go Coach in Kent to replace some of their older vehicles..
I caught one Solo doing a 12A today, just leaving Bridgefoot around 1pm. Didnt get the number though...
We still have 203, 205 and 206 I believe
(07/12/2015 21:35)RSTurbo50 Wrote: [ -> ]We still have 203, 205 and 206 I believe

I sense you do think so, but do you think they definitely intend to sell all of the Solos?
Guessing there is now a greater likelihood of finding a Cadet on the 13/29's.
With further cuts to BSOG looming, I'm not sure how those routes are going to fare, particularly the 13 ...
Apparently, from what iv been told, all the Solos are for sale. The 13 is getting somewhat busier in fairness though having the 13, 29C, 29A all running through Chapelford may change in the future perhaps...
(08/12/2015 21:54)Dentonian Wrote: [ -> ]I'd not heard about further cuts to the insultingly named BSOG. Do you know what it will be cut to? Or, to be more accurate - what fuel tax for buses (in service) will be increased to?

Ah, my apologies.
I had thought that it was to "remain at current levels" i.e. reduce in real terms, but on further reading, it seems that it is actually to rise with inflation, i.e. stay the same in real terms.
Interestingly, the 19 and 5(E) will finish slightly earlier on New Year's Eve than on Christmas Eve, but the 22(E) will be running slightly later, just by minutes.

The website now has a revised fleet list showing the sale of 201, 202 and 204 (much appreciated!)
(09/12/2015 20:17)Dentonian Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't work like that. It is a proportion of the fuel tax paid by all ROAD vehicles running on fossil fuels, so the tax should actually fall in the short term if the RAC prediction that Diesel prices will drop below £1 per litre at the pumps until Christmas. Of course, if the Operators have c**ked up in the Spot Market, they will still make sure the passenger pays the price.

Fares will stay the same regardless of oil providing oil prices stays the same or goes down?
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