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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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(15/08/2015 14:40)RSTurbo50 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd say if you were travelling to Leigh and back or Altrincham and back from Warrington is £25 really that expensive? It would cost me a damn sight more in petrol and parking if I was doing it 5/6 days a week...

Simple answer is yes it's expensive. I can travel from Glossop to altrincham (3 buses) for a daily price of £4.10 or a weekly price of £13.50
Do not forget that Warrington is not in either of the major PTE areas where the price of tickets is sort of dictated by the price of the multi operator tickets .
(09/08/2015 17:01)Dentonian Wrote: [ -> ]As you infer, Rotala might be the most likely of all to show an interest in actually buying NW.

Apparently Rotala is interested in expanding considerably.
If anyone is to take NW over, I for one would be behind Rotala.
(22/08/2015 14:11)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently Rotala is interested in expanding considerably.
If anyone is to take NW over, I for one would be behind Rotala.

Could be quite credible, it's not like they haven't done it before. WBT would be a nice addition to there North West operations due to Warringtons proximity to there existing operations in Greater Manchester.
So that's the end of the 31.
The driver of the last run mustn't have been too sorry to see the back of it ... and didn't seem to have heard of 'brakes' ... it ran early throughout and arrived back at the Interchange a full 12 minutes early.

The old deckers appear to have had the entry 'Creamfields' put in -- always used to say 'Special'.
The 31 won't be missed believe me...

And for how long have we heard rumours about a takeover? The council won't sell. They want to have a hand in how the company run and it's an asset to have. If they sell, they will no longer have a say in the running of the company...

Have to say the ex Dublin Bus Olympians all looked in fine fettle this evening, a real credit to the company for keeping them in good shape..
At least they wouldn't have needed a deep clean inside and out unlike was it last year or a couple of years ago when they came back a right mess and full of mud and whatever else, just glad weather this year looks ok for Creamfields.

Were all the Dublin Olympians in use this weekend, I know one which wouldn't have been and that would have been the Open-Topper although I'm sure if the weather would have been a bit kinder it could actually have been used.
Yes mate they were all out and about apart from the open topper..
Saw the open topper not long ago, looks very sharp in the livery its in. Is it still up for sale?
Anyone know what the 2 arriving back into Warrington at 8 minutes past the hour generally went onto during the daytime?
I'm sure I've seen it go onto the Orfords, but I'm not sure how that would work as it does seem to work its way back onto the 1/2/3/4A/13/14/15/16(A) carousel.

Anyway it's probably all academic now as everything will be different tomorrow.
Looking forwards to seeing how the 16's will work tomorrow ... the only way I can see is if they get 3 vehicles and don't interwork, but that seems like madness!
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