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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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(01/07/2020 10:29)SK15 GZG Wrote: [ -> ]SN09 CDX/CEF/CEK have arrived here

These are indeed others from the Metroline route 282 batch, as mentioned last weekend.
Enviro200s 229, 230 and 231 were returned to Ensign when the 3 Previously mentioned Enviro400s turned up.
Im guessing the remaining Enviro400s to turn up are SN09 CDV,SN09 CEX & SN09 CFM.
Someone's made a rookie error in producing the new CAT timetables for the website. The page breaks in the middle of services, so on the CAT9 the time at Stretton is on one sheet but the time for the same service at Stockton Heath is on a different page!
The 'all-electric' bus depot seems a step closer:
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