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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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YJ62FKL is on the O2 Contract tonight
From what I have read elsewhere regarding the T-reg Dart's, T201 & 202 AFM have been sold on for further service with Charlton Minicoaches of Ormskirk, T205 & 6 AFM are two of the four sold onto Neath based Select Coaches, going off the report linked earlier in the thread by Garsty. With T207 being written off some time ago after fire damage and departing to a scrap dealer, only T203, T204 & T208 AFM remain unaccounted for. Two of those being with Select Coaches (an educated guess being 4 & 8 joining its sisters in South Wales), and the other being reported by K853 as leaving for fire training purposes. That one being the aforementioned T203AFM.
Will the V plate Darts be taken off the road now that the Versas have arrived?
Thank you for the news about some diesel Versas due after these hybrid Versas. I felt like coming to Warrington soon to make up for missing out on the B7TL ride 2 weeks ago. However, I shall now wait until these diesel Versas arrived. Apparently the 3 ex-London United Volvo B7TL-Geminis VR226-28 are due for Warrington too.
Noted 56 in Liverpool yesterday evening on private hire.
A load of changes through on VOSA today.
The only one I don't understand is:

Variation Accepted: Operating between Warrington Bus Station and Dudlows Green given service number 7A/10A/10C

EDIT: It was registered three days earlier, so this is a new registration after all.

The changes in route to 13/14/15, 29, 25, and 6/7/7a will be interesting.
Former Warrington Bus Number 2 was on the 206 today Wigan-Wrightington with a very friendly Driver in debranded Warrington Livery.

what company would that be?
(12/12/2012 13:03)RSTurbo50 Wrote: [ -> ]^^

what company would that be?
The 206 is operated by Holmeswood Coaches, so Charlton Minicoaches have either sold that Marshall to them or won the contract for that service...
Charlton Operated it Yesterday. i didnt see any for hire stickers anywhere on the bus.
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