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Full Version: Warrington's Own Buses
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Dont forget they took an undisclosed loan out with the council which they are paying back which was round about the time they where starting nagotiations ocer a pay rise so they cant pay a loan back as well as give a pay rise which doesnt look like its going to be resolved any time soon.
To be honest from what I have read Network Warrington have tried to resolve it but looks like the union are digging their heels in..
The union are playing hard ball which is having a devasting effect on the buisness and could start turning passengers to other operators in which there in compitition with on other routes.

Agreed mate, Iv got a couple of mates who work there and they can't understand the reasons for is decent, conditions are good, local runs etc etc
I agree, I've never had a bad word to say about Network Warrington, from the when you get on one of their vehicles to when your get off its such a pleasant experience especially with kind and friendly drivers and some of them say that its just like like a family business and that its better than working for one of the bigger companies
There are all manner of problems at WBT and the hardball tactics of the union is just one of them. I am all for unions, but in this case they have to realise that if they keep up the current state of play there is only one possible outcome. And it will be sooner, rather than later.
It's the same union that was involved in the recent dispute at Grangemouth.
There won't be the traditional Park and Ride service this year:
(06/11/2013 20:05)Valandil Wrote: [ -> ]There won't be the traditional Park and Ride service this year:

Looks like lack of funds at Warrington Council.
Unfortunately this is probably the reason the government privatises everything, to avoid these kind of disputes. Luckily they are owned by the council who can keep the company afloat, although the funds may have to be diverted from elsewhere.

Is the rumour about WBT being for sale still floating around? Maybe this is an ideal time to sell to a group like Stagecoach.
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