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Full Version: Arriva Buses Wales - Wrexham Depot
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Information regarding Arriva Buses Wales Caego depot should be posted here.

Latest arrival is Dennis Dart SLF 10.1M with Plaxton Pointer body R420 COO (2300).
(31/05/2012 23:38)R557 ABA Wrote: [ -> ]Information regarding Arriva Buses Wales Caego depot should be posted here.

Latest arrival is Dennis Dart SLF 10.1M with Plaxton Pointer body R420 COO (2300).
Sister-bus R419 COO (2299) has also arrived here recently, and more MPDs are due in the future to cover a bus shortage!
It is rather shocking how this vehicle shortage has been going on for the best part of about a year (give or take), but that’s what happens when you have a fleet so old and the recent scrapings. I am right in thinking 801 has now been withdrawn too (something about power steering failure)?
Yes Garsty, that's correct! Power steering packed in whilst operating a 1 last week rendering the vehicle useless. Just to confirm, vehicles currently at the bottom of the yard awaiting disposal or otherwise should be 7553, 2108, 801, 805 and 806. As 27701 says, the two 10.1M Darts are temporary until further ex-PDLs are ready.
801 is at Bangor for awaiting stripping prior to departure for scrap.

7553 is in Wrexham yard but provisionally at least awaiting a new engine.
Thanks for the update 507009, my own is a few days old now! I had also heard the same regarding 7553 however but with the age of it and with it being in Wales, unless another Dart goes down but leaves a serviceable engine, my personal opinion would be that it'll be scrapped within the not too far future. If it'd been here in Merseyside, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were re-engined because there should be a few in Jackson Street from withdrawn examples and I wouldn't be surprised if Bootle still had engines which could be used too.
R553 ABA (7553) Should Be Getting scrapped unless it Receives S876SNB (0806) Engine but if not it will be Scraped And also 2108 R608MHN Has left Caego Either PVS Pick up or Re-Allocated.. also After 7pm Route One Will Now Mostly Be ran by MPD's.
2108 was cannibalised on site before going for scrap.
Wrexham Has Strangely Now Got CX58EUB 0674 And Was Allocated To Route 1 Today This Is Most Probably A Loan

CX58 EUB -

Also Before People Enquire This Is The 08.20 Service It Was The 14.32 Of Wrexham And Also Has A Wrexham Driver before All You Guys Start Arguements
Why would anyone start an argument? Anyway, yeah it is indeed a loan. Also to correct my last post regarding 2108, after partial canibalisation at Wrexham, it was sold on to someone else for spares. Also regarding MPDs on the 1 after 7, this is apparently to be PDLs only but we shall see! Saturday nights should remain to see operation of 2 Pulsars and 1 DAF all night however.
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