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Full Version: Arriva North West - Southport Depot
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Hi all,

All arriva southport's news in here!
I was asked today if Southport were running an open top tour this year. Following the sale of 1449, does anyone at CR know if any provision will be made or have Arriva given it up completely. Thanks.
Southport had the very rare appearance of 7568 on the 48 this morning, seen it passing Bootle Strand at 11 am.
I think it's allocation was short lived as 3042 was brought out by a fitter to replace it during early afternoon.
Volvo decker on 43/46 today
Palatine or B7?
(02/06/2012 20:17)P450 SWX Wrote: [ -> ]Palatine or B7?

Oh yer Palatine lol :P
It was 3319. Other news is that 3311 has gone to Rhyl on loan for half term.
Wounder what Rhyl need 3311 for?
They should convert one of the Palatines either the DB250 or Volvo Olympian for O/T Tour bus duty as a replacement for 1449 be a nice thought but doubt the 25 will ever come back
Talking of the 25, for those of you old enough to remember her, The Old Lady 0651, CWM 151C was part of the Mere Brow carnival procession yesterday, still looking splendid!
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