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Full Version: Arriva North West - Wythenshawe Depot
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Update for your fleetlist fleet numbers are at Wythenshaw a total of 69 vehicles
Optare Solo 669 670
Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2 2238 2239 2241 2242 2243 2244 2246 2247 2248 2249 2253 2256 2259 2261 2262
Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander ALX200 2267 2269 2271 2272 2302 2303 2304 2305 2306 2308 2309 2311 2312
Alexander Dennis/ Enviro300 2740 2741 2742 2743 2744 2745 2746 2747 2748 2749
VDL SB200/ Wright Pulsar 2 2930 2931 2932 2933 3091 3092 3093 3094 3095 3096 3097 3098 3099 3100 3101 3102 3103 3104 3105 3106
DAF DB250/Alexander ALX400 4012 4013 4014 4015 4016 4017 4018 4019 4020

Which means Manchester depot is officially closed as all vehicles have been dispersed throughout the ANW fleet
manchester depots not shut at all theres 3 commanders and an ABA dart on loan there for the 10
the commanders along with 7552 are staying there for a long time yet at least 6 moths
Manchester fleet has been absorbed into Wythenshaw fleet though they may be using the manchester depot to store the excess vehicles but Arriva Manchester is now Arriva Wythenshaw
the buses on loan from bolton are still there with manchester drivers who will continue to run the 10 for another 6 months at least
Ahh but my latest fleetlist has manchester with 0 vehicles and Wythenshaw with a total of 69 vehicles dated 12/06/2012 but can anyone confirm it using the official fleetcards. Wierd how Manchester has no vehicles itself in it fleet yet they have leased vehicles to Manchester to operate a single route when the fleet was dispersed throughout ANW with the majority of the Manchester fleet going to Wythenshaw
the reason is the 10 will be ran from bolton but no room for all the buses yet thats why they are there, yes it is very silly if you ask me
Ahh so Arriva Manchester has no vehicles but Arriva Bolton are borrowing the depot as an overspill area to operate route 10 from. So Arriva Manchester is gone the depot aint yet seems quite wierd and silly when the route is being operated from Bolton. Are these vehicled at the ex Arriva Manchester depot just there to operate the no 10 till Arriva Bolton shuffle about the fleet in the yard to make room for these vehicles to finally after 6 months have room to bring them back up to Bolton and close the ex Arriva Manchester deopt for good
Arriva are to extend the 245 from Flixton to Exchange Quay via Davyhulme, Trafford Centre and MediaCityUK from 2 September. The extension follows a successful bid for Department for Transport funding under the Better Bus Area Fund.

All Monday-Saturday journeys will run along the extension but Sunday journeys by JPT will not.

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