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Full Version: Hattons Travel (Nip On Transport)
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Hi all,

All hattons travel news in here!
we got van hool and temsa on loan
R411 does work with hattons so his info is 100 percent correct before anyone asks how do you know
also dennis dRT w146 gwt is repainted into fleet livery
(01/06/2012 20:39)r411 xfl Wrote: [ -> ]we got van hool and temsa on loan

Have you got any more information on what the Tesma is and what the Vanhool is?
he offline however i did get a photo from him before
Very Helpful Bolton Bus Basher.
Are they both coaches I gather the Vanhool is a coach and if it is which type of Vanhool coach is it
Also what type of vehicle is the Tesma a coach or A Bus
vahool are the main bus/coach company in belgum and the coach is a vanhool T9 (credit r411)

and tesma is also a coach but no other details on that
So they have a Vanhool T914 Ailzee or the T914 Alcron?
and thanks for the info.
am not sure i just got told a T9 i dont really bother with coaches much
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