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Full Version: Blackpool Tramways
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Hi All,
News on Blackpool Transport's Tram network should be put here.
Collection of news stories from this whilst this site has been down:

Welcome Back Centenary Car 648:

Crich confirm Blackpool tram parade:

Enthusiasts invited to design a tram livery:

All Credit: British Trams Online.
Update on Blackpool's widened Balloons:

Credit: British Trams Online.
More details of Brush Jubilee Car revealed:

CreditL British Trams Online.
Good to see an old tram back. The new fleet is very good & obviously easier for passengers to board & offer more comfort, but there will always be a place for the originals.
It's been reported on the Trams Today Facebook page that Flexity 015 has now arrived, leaving just 016 to be delivered and 002 to return.
So by the 1st July, 14 trams should be available for the new 10 minute service which requires 12 vehicles. So that leaves 2 spare Flexities and the Widened Balloons as back up.
The 10 minute service will most likely require 13 or 14 trams as BTS have realized that the current timetable is too tight, which is why it has been raised from 6 to 7 PVR. Hopefully this means it wont be too rare to see a Balloon/Millennium car!
This weekend's heritage service has been announced:

Saturday AM - 736 & 737
Saturday PM - 604 & 600 both after 2pm after the launch of 604 now sponsored by the George Formby Society.

Sunday - 147 & 648 (making a return to service). 648 is quite controversial choice. Popular among some enthusiasts, I really can't see the general public seeing this as a genuine heritage tram.

Information supplied credit to Trams Today Facebook Page.
Future Developments for Blackpool's Heritage Trams:

Credit: British Trams Online.
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