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Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
RE: Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
(20/03/2013 22:08)CX54 DKD Wrote:  
(20/03/2013 21:00)MPTE1955 Wrote:  These 58 plate pulsars at Boole are only 4 1/2 years old and already knackered, think what they will be like in another 4 years. You will think you have gone back in time and riding a knackered marshall like 7675 for example by then.
If they have their panels tightened back up at some stage, I'd disagree and by all accounts, the ride offered by the Pulsars is vastly superior to that of the Darts at this point in their lifetime on a comparable lightweight chassis. It does all seem to be down to the extended maintenance of these vehicles by their respective depots as the initial build quality is reasonably high with no rattles and a smooth ride, with the odd exception on the rattling front and seems to remain that way for differing periods within different depots - Southport's contingent in particular are quite exemplary from my experience. When you compare that to some of the Darts, particularly the Marshalls, which had a poor build quality and ride in many cases from the off, there's a noticeable difference. Darts, Ultralows etc. all rattled their way along after a few years in service and managed 15 years, I don't really understood the seemingly common consensus that these Pulsars won't.

Don't get me wrong, it'd have been much nicer if Arriva had standardised on a heavier chassis such as the Volvo offering but I do think that the Pulsars receive a large amount of unjustified 'bad press' from the enthusiast community for what they do actually offer. Certainly to passengers, they're a much better offering than a Dart with an improved, more comfortable interior and I suppose, at the end of the day, it's the customer's opinion which matters to the company as it is them whom keep them in business.

I was referring to the Pulsars mentioned that if they are bad now, think in another 4 years, I have already said previously that other depots 58 plate pulsars are better than all of Bootles, St Helens one's are far superior for example. As for the pulsars, well they couldn't help but be better than a Marshall or X-ANC darts. I personally am not a big fan of pulsars and the Eclipses are far superior to pulsars and its a pity Arriva didn't get those instead of some pulsars. As for customers, well I am also a customer getting a bus to work everyday and not just an enthusiast and this is an opinions game, of course I am not suggesting that you have said otherwise.
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