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Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
RE: Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
(24/08/2015 14:18)mathias Wrote:  Torrential rain and strong winds last Friday (21st August) seemed to mark the end of another rubbish summer.
Unfortunately, the bad weather had an affect on some overhanging trees on Gorsey Lane up near Netherton, dislocating some branches.
It was only a matter of time before a decker hit them....

On Friday evening a 44xx series Enviro400 got its upper deck screen cracked by a strong stray branch and Arriva management decided to completely withdraw all deckers from the Gorsey Lane corridor, and use single-deck Pulsars instead.
Arriva have repeatedly told Sefton Council to trim the trees, but they've had to deal with their own 'cutbacks' in the form of reduced Government spending and reduced staffing levels.

Quite a few of the newish 15-plate Enviro400 deckers have suffered minor dents and scratches from these trees, and -considering they cost £187,500 each- it would be crazy to keep them running on such a hazardous route.
It's not only the buses that suffer though, passengers like to open the windows in summer for some cooling fresh air, so how long will it be before someone get slashed across the face by a flying-missile Elderberry twig?
Needless to say, twigs and leaves have been found INSIDE the upper-deck saloon of these deckers!

So its Pulsars and Commanders along the 52/52A/55/56 routes from now on, until an agreement is reached with the Council.

Blame the Council, blame the Government, blame the wet summer (with its rapid tree growth), blame Arriva, but -as usual- it's the innocent passenger that suffers, getting crammed sardine-like into a too-small bus.
Not really fair is it?Sad

I remember these very same trees being an issue more than fifty years ago, particularly the one at the junction of Sefton Road and School Lane. However, in those days Litherland UDC and LCPT/Ribble worked in harmony and for the common good. Every spring an ancient LCPT decker, converted to open-top, was used to lop the overhanging branches of these trees along Gorsey Lane.

Ironically, Sefton Council recently announced - without any consultation with and to the outrage of most local residents - that it intends to fell over one hundred mature trees in the surrounding area because it can't afford to sweep up the leaves in the autumn. All of these tree-lined roads are quiet residential ones of course, not a major bus route such as Gorsey lane. Go figure.
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