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Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
RE: Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
(21/12/2014 09:52)gka472l Wrote:  There's two possibilities for where they're going, I've heard that 3107-22 are all off to Arriva Shires, and there's another report that 3113-22 are off to Arriva North East so either is possible....
In fact, for interest, the complete list that I've been told about is as follows...

3062-8 to Midlands, 3069-72 to Shires, 3073-6 to Midlands, 3079-81 to Midlands, 3107-22 to Shires, 3123-5 to Midlands, 3147-52 to Shires and 3153-8 to Midlands. There is another list from which has the same vehicles leaving but differences in what is going to Shires & Midlands plus some to they're all still in and around Liverpool at the moment, we'll have to see as plans can easily change at short notice. Have seen elsewhere that ANW 3153-8 will become Midlands 3799-3804 and ANW 3062-8 will become Midlands 3805-3811

Meant to say this earlier. Midlands already have 3800 upwards for Scania Omnilinks. So either a new block has to be found for the Scanias or more likely the Pulsars will start a new batch to carry on from 3798 ( the current last Pulsar ) or 3799, if that is used.
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