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Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
RE: Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
(10/06/2013 18:10)KU02 YUH Wrote:  That's two new Pulsar 2s which I absolutely can't stand now - 3116 and now 3109 (the latter also features a damn "shelf rattle"). For some reason, something (suspension, maybe?) underneath those back seats bangs away strongly. It's absolutely pathetic for buses of one year old. I'd expect something like that on an older bus, but not on 12-plated buses. Having 3109 on my 311 from Skelmersdale to Old Roan today was absolute hell and I got off of it at the first available opportunity.

Another one which I dislike when the weather is cold is 3122, which has no working heaters in the saloon (unless the thermostat has been switched-off). 3108 and 3114 are also not great as they rattle too much - 3114's doors were even bouncing off of their hinges when it was in its first week on the road!

Whilst there are some exceptional new Pulsar 2s in the 3107-3122 batch, there are some which are bad now and, without care, will probably be wrecked and unbearable by an older age.
Another one of this batch which is on my hit list is 3120, as this is also of poor quality - banging underneath the back seats like on 3109 and 3116. I'm beginning to dread seeing these new Pulsars turning-up now as it's beginning to look as if the majority are rubbish over the minority. HOWEVER, I did have exceptional 3107 a few days ago on the 52A - as this seems to have had its revs set high, it can be a flyer and it sounds lovely!

2928 is also another long-standing rubbish Pulsar. It really can sound odd at times, along with every bump being felt along the way. Also, the heat coming from the back of the bus was extortionate at times. The heat dial on the dashboard was close to the red block when I was getting off...

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