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Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
RE: Arriva North West - Bootle Depot
(12/10/2012 08:20)507022 Wrote:  New Pulsar 2 3114 (MX12 KXD) was on the 62 at Penny Lane this morning
Nothing newsworthy about that allocation! They're always on the 62s, along with the 52s, the 53s and the 55s.
(12/10/2012 14:39)mathias Wrote:  
(10/10/2012 17:04)3111 Wrote:  The 311 was interesting this morning... Only one Pulsar 2, MX09 LYF (2944), was on the service, along with Cadets DK55 FXC (2518) and CX07 CSO (2638), Marshalls V633 DVU (7633) and V649 DVU (7649) and Plaxton Pointer 2s X228 ANC (2228) and X233 ANC (2233). By this evening, 7633 had been replaced by ALX200 X264 OBN (2264), which was on the 61 this morning, 2233 had been replaced by Pulsar 2 MX59 FFU (3016) and 2518 had been replaced by Pulsar CX58 FZH (2926). I had 7633 to Skelmersdale this morning and it was definitely one of the worst journeys that I've had in my life - uncomfortable and rattly. I had 2944 home - this sounded wheezy and it felt sluggish off the line a lot
All of the 2941-2947 Pulsars seem to be unusually slow.

Is this due to them being Reduced Pollution Tax Class Status I wonder?
They have a tax rate of £165 a year (Tax Class 38) as opposed to the usual bus rate of £330 a year (Tax Class 34). Hmm....
Only 2941 and 2943 are "slow" - 2944 feels a bit slow, too. 2942, 2945, 2946 and 2947 are all fast buses - the latter is one of the fastest Pulsars in the depot's fleet!

The 311 was "stupid" today. Bootle decide to allocate no Pulsars on there in the morning, yet they stick two on the 345 (2942, which operated the evening M58 duty to Skelmersdale, and 3027)...! Common sense at its best there! Karma for them, anyway, because there are always about four on there by the evening because the sheds that they've originally put onto the service have failed on them... 2916 replaced atrocious Cadet 2519, which failed in Lydiate this afternoon. 2945 replaced something - so did 3016 and DAF/ALX400 4063. Why don't they just put them on there in the morning to save the hassle of the break-downs?!

Cadet DK55 FXC (2518) was on the 350 today - very unusual!

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