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My ideas on routes around Greater Manchester
My ideas on routes around Greater Manchester
I have autism which in turn makes seeing problem with our currrent network a lot easier and it also presents solutions and ideas on ways the network can be improved providing buses to folk to get around without clogging up the roads.

I would love to share my ideas on platform like this so others can have there say on my some time crazy route ideas to most logically improvements.

I'm firm believer of Hospital Routes and connecting Council Estates up to the bus network. as theses are two major incomes for profitable routes in my ideas and having routes that connect likes of Fitton Hill with Manchester is a winner in my eyes because you are then opening up job opportunity for the local residents who can't afford the cost of a car ownership.

Here we go my first batch of routes I would love to see operating.

400 | Bolton - Brieghtment - Bury - Fairfield General Hospital - Bury Road - Rochdale - Summit - Royton - Royal Oldham Hospital - Oldham West Street

This route would open up a new direct link between Bolton and Rochdale serving Fairfield Hospital, as well reconnecting Oldham with Bolton and Bury which as been long missed for the elderly residents who love a good visit around Bury Market. It would the first time that both Fairfield Hospital and Oldham Hospital has been connected together.

401 | Bury - Fairfield General Hospital Grounds - Roch Valley Way - Sandbrook - Kirkholt - Royton - Royal Oldham Hospital - Oldham West Street

This route would provide a variant to the 400 route, bypassing Rochdale and opening open new connection through Kirkholt and Sandbrook for the leisure park. It will be the first time that Kirkholt has been connected to Bury and Oldham and Also first time it seen a service connecting residents to hospitals.

402 | Mills Hill Station - Firwood Park - Chadderton Park - Broadway - Middleton Road - Westwood Metrolink - Oldham - Coldhurst - Royal Oldham Hospital - Carlton Way - Lea View - Royton - Sandy Lane Loop - Tandle Hills - Thornham Loop

A much need local service connecting local comminites with the Railway Line, Metrolink Line, Shops, Parks, Leisure and Hospitals. It will provide a bus service to oldham through Firwood Park for the first time and restore a much need through connection for residents in and around Thorp, Royton and Thornham with connection to a supermarket.

404 | Sholver Pearly Bank - Moorside - Watersheddings - Oldham - Chadderton Way - Burnley Lane - Chadderton Hall Road - Mills Hill - Middleton

A trail route to see if residents living between Sholver and Oldham would benefit from a service to Middleton via Chadderton Way and Chadderton Park. without changing buses in Oldham.

405 | Sholver Pearly Bank - Moorside - Watersheddings - Oldham - Chamber Road - Chapel Road - Limeside Road - Limeside Lime Green Road

This route would restore buses along Chapel Road and be more of a local runner than a profit making route.

406 | Pennine Meadows - Whinberry Way - Sholver - Watershedding - Derker - Oldham - Heron Street - Limeside via Elm Street - Lime Green Road Call - Roman Road - Woodhouses

There possibility of the route extending to Failsworth Day Drive serving Tesco. This would open up many new connections and options for local residents.

408 | Stalybridge - Stamford Park - Tameside Hospital - Hurst - Abbeyhills - Glodwick - Oldham - Royal Oldham Hospital - Shaw Road - Heyside Royton Hospice

The 408 will be restored to Stalybridge but rerouted to serve Tameside Hospital, to make a hospital to hospital connection with Oldham Hospital. It would be extended to terminate in Loop around Heyside.

409 | Rochdale - Royton - Oldham - Hathershaw - Ashton

This route will be upgrading to 24/7 operation and run every day of the year.

I hope you like this post and I will post more of my routes ideas as there come.
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RE: My ideas on routes around Greater Manchester
Here is more route ideas still using the GM Buses Numbering System and 1986 Deregulation Day Services with modern enhancements.

410 | Kirkholt - Turks Head - Thornham - Royton - Oldham Hospital - Oldham - Alexandra Retail Park - Fitton Hill - Hathershaw - Bardsley - Ashton Under Lyne

This route would Ideally be suited to interwork with 409 to create every 10 Minutes combined service between Thornham and Ashton. The route will also open up loads of connections from the council estates of Kirkholt and Fitton Hill. giving residents living in Kirkholt access to Ashton for the first time without having to walk to Oldham Road for the 409 service.

411 | Rushcroft - Wrens Nest - Buckstones Road - Buckstones - Shaw - High Crompton - Fir Lane - Royton - Oldham West Street

This is exciting route that would replace the failing 408 service, this service would replace the 403 around rushcroft, with the route operating a bigger loop around Rushcroft than what the 59 currently does.

412 | Derker - Mumps Bridge - Oldham - Oldham Hospital - Royton - Stotfield - Mills Hill - Boarshaw - Middleton

The 412 would see massive of improvements like the restoration off the link to Derker and the Tram Station. It will also provide residents a convenient route to access the local hospital without a change in Oldham. It would also be rerouted to operate direct down Rochdale Road and not via Coldhurst

415 | Higginshaw - Mumps Bridge - Oldham - Chadderton - Fields New Road - Middleton Junction - Alkrington - Middleton

Restoring another key service to operate through to Higginshaw via Higginshaw Lane

416 | Oldham - Chadderton - Broadway - Broadway Green - Broadgate - Greengate - Alkrington - Langley

A brand new service that would provide a bus service for the Brand New Broadway Green Development which is currently under construction. The route between Oldham and Chadderton Central is still undecided but I'm wanting it to provide alternatives connections to the 415. It would be first Langley would receive a bus service to Oldham via Alkrington.

421 | Manchester - Moston - Mough Lane - Chadderton - Denton Lane - Werneth - Oldham - Fitton Hill

This route would provide some well needed connections around Fitton Hill. and reduce the need for passengers to connect in Oldham for a service to Moston and Manchester. This route will be restored to it original route to Moston then extend via the Current 81 route.

422 | Oldham - Werneth - South Chadderton - Hollinwood Morrisons

This route would restore a well needed connection back to Hollinwood from South Chadderton and will now create terminus loop, the route is still needing to be finialised.

425 | Oldham -Lees - Holts Estate

This route would replace the current Route 80 and It will still follow the same route

426 | N.M.G.H - Blackley - Hollinwood Avenue - Coalshaw Green - Whitegate - Foxdenton - Broadway Green - R.O.H - Oldham - Glodwick - Alt - Holts Estate

A brand new route and set of connections for Holts Estate, 426 will connect residents to North Manchester General Hospital and Oldham Hospital as well as giving them access to all the new jobs opening on the Broadway Green Development
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