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Full Version: MDDW Photo Competition | July 2013
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Image 1 - R311 WVR
[Image: 9353665918_e4fa25c46e_z.jpg]

Image 2 - R557 ABA
[Image: 9350889577_fa77836dd2_z.jpg]

Image 3 - CX54 DKD
[Image: 9353667960_b61eee9948_z.jpg]

Image 4 - N301 CKB
[Image: 9353668118_727cb4f729_z.jpg]


Again, thanks to all who participated in the June contest so with no further ado, here we go again! Similarly to previous competitions, there are some rules set in place though they have been subject to some minor changes recently so, to ensure you're fully up-to date, please do take a look, here. You can view an up-to date league table attached to a post in the June competition thread.

The deadline for entries will be 23.59 on 20th July. Although this is the given deadline, please try and submit photos well in advance so that it can be anticipated how many entries are likely for that month - submitting entries at the last minute makes the competition more difficult to manage. Any entries submitted after the given date will, unfortunately, not be entered for the competition that month. Voting will commence from the 21st July giving a 10 day voting period.

As ever, an up-to date league table will be published with the results of each month's competition. All entries should be submitted to MDDWPhotoComp[at] where @ is replaced with [at] for spam prevention. Once the deadline passes, the photos will be uploaded and published in the relevant month's thread in the initial post along with a poll for voting.

With thanks to R311 WVR, the theme for this month is 'Special Liveries/Branding'. A few example being: Arriva Sapphire, Fab 4 bus tour president, or, going back a few years, PX55EFC in the Everton livery. If there are any enquiries regarding the theme, feel free to post within this thread or, alternatively, send a PM containing your enquiry to R311 WVR. As previously, the winner will then select the next month's theme.

Good Luck!
Does that include Coaches
Nope, Sorry! Only Special Liveried Buses, Like the examples given, OR anybus with an OVER-All advert
Just a quick reminder that the deadline is Saturday!
Tomorrow is the last day for any entries, please get them in ASAP!
If still stuck, Other Examples would be full route-branding, Like Trent Barton, And GHA 'Gold Service' Livery. Anything that varies from the normal livery, Counts, Even the Sunhopper Rhyl would count!
The entries are up so choose your favourite and cast your vote!
Are we allowed to comment on the entries? Or will people throw a hissy fit like the last time I tried to offer constructive critisism?
Feel free to comment and offer constructive criticism.
I didnt have anything decent so I didnt enter
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