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Full Version: MDDW Photo Competition | July 2013
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Image 1: Nice, well exposed 3/4 shot in full sun. Nothing I can add here really

#2 Nice 'for the record shot', but doesn't really give any context to the vehicle. Sadly (and it's not the photographers fault!) the livery/branding is rather generic and boring.

#3 A good multi vehicle shot, just a shame that the RNLI stand got cropped out. For this particular competition, a shame you can't see more of the branding - but you can't forsee what you'll use the shot for when you take it!

#4 I don't wish to knock the photographers efforts or equipment here, but IMHO the shot is not up to competition standard. Taking the poor camera resolution out of it (which makes the picture grainy), it appears to be out of focus, and does not show off the branding well. The dirtiness of the vehicle probably makes the image look worse than it actually is, and I accept that's beyond the photograpers control.
With just 4 voting days left, be sure to choose your favourite entry and cast a vote before it's too late!
Today's your last opportunity to vote so make sure you get your's in soon!
Well done again to R311 WVR who is again this month's winner. Keep checking back for the August theme! Full results are as follows:

1. R311 WVR
2. CX54 DKD
3. R557 ABA
4. N301 CKB
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