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Plaxton returns to St Helens

Article and photos by Terence Price01/04/17

A recent transfer in from Arriva Winsford is VDL SB120CS Plaxton Centro CX56 CEN carying fleetnumber 2614. This is the first Plaxton bodied bus to operate out of St Helens since the withdrawal of Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 X211 ANC (2211) on 31st December 2015

Arriva North West 2614 CX56 CEN on Hall Street, St Helens

It is expected that the rest of the batch will follow in the near future, fleetnumbers and registrations for these buses are:

2608 CX56 CDY
2609 CX56 CDZ
2610 CX56 CEA
2611 CX56 CEF
2612 CX56 CEJ
2613 CX56 CEK
2614 CX56 CEN
2615 CX56 CEO
2616 CX56 CEU
2617 CX56 CEV
2618 CX56 CEY

X211 ANC on route 36A

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