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About The Site

Hi All,

Welcome back to the Merseyside Dennis Dart Website. In this redesigned site you will find our new look fleet lists and a lot of new content which we are slowly adding as time permits.

Our Wordpress site unfortunately hit major issues when the template developed a footer problem. We weren't able to resolve the problem and, having sampled a number of alternative templates to no avail, we made the decision to go back to a simpler HTML website designed from scratch. This new site will be much easier for us to maintain and keep updated, although there are several key changes to tell you about.

Firstly, the fleet lists have been redesigned. As a consequence of moving away from Wordpress, it is no longer possible for forum members to edit fleet lists on the site itself; instead, we are returning to the old system of sending lists in by e-mail. As always, we are very grateful for everyone's help with keeping the fleet lists updated.

The blog section has been removed in favour of the return of our popular News area, which details all the latest bus happenings on Merseyside and in the surrounding region. Photo reports from trips out, previously part of the blog, will instead be found in the Photographs section.

We're always looking for new contributors, so why not join in? If you have information about a fleet which isn't already listed in the fleet lists section, please contact us by e-mail and we can add your fleet lists to the collection. Our fleet list source code is available on request, which you can use to create your own fleet list. Simply add in the details, send it to us via e-mail, and we'll put it online as soon as we can!

You can always get in touch with us on the forum by sending us a private message (we are buses7675, 507009 and CX06 EBK), tweet us on Twitter, message us on Facebook or see the contact page for our e-mail addresses. Your comments or submissions are always welcomed.

In the future, our Archive section will be expanded to include a history of the Merseyside Dennis Dart Website as we near 15 years online, plus archive forum content. We're also hoping to add to our Articles collection, and again your input is welcomed. Articles can be submitted via e-mail: these may include bus histories or overviews, for example.

Thank you for visiting the site!

Buses7675, 507009 and CX06 EBK
Merseyside Dennis Dart Website staff

Original website and hosting by Steve Dave (Buses7675). Current website design and content © 507009, 2014.
All content and photographs featured in this website are the property of their authors and should only be reproduced with prior permission.


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