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Size of Blackpool and Fylde fleets at takeover
Size of Blackpool and Fylde fleets at takeover
Firstly, Moderators, change the title of this thread if you think another title is better.

People may not realise that Fylde was the only council operator post deregulation to be privatised and later return to council ownership. This occurred when it was sold to its employees in 1993, and was then sold by them to Blackpool Transport in 1994.

But, what were the sizes of the Blackpool Transport and Fylde Blue Buses fleets at the takeover by Blackpool, in 1994?

Also, prior to the 1993 sale, Blue buses and Blackpool Transport had been involved in some skirmishes. I wonder if, had the skirmishes continued, without a BT takeover, could the following scenarios have happened.

1 - The battle leads to one of the two operators collapsing, and the other thus replaces the failed operator.

2 - The battle leads to both operators concentrating that much on each others destruction, that it opens the door for Stagecoach Ribble to come in, and they end up the dominant force in the area, with the surviving town firm being a minor player.

3 - Both firms go bust, opening the door for Stagecoach Ribble to take over the whole Fylde coast.

And perhaps someone from Blackpool or Lytham St. Annes can tell me, how bitter was the skirmish, and, how extensive was the Fylde network in Lytham St. Annes, and Saltcoates, including route 11 to Blackpool, compareds to the BT network in the area nowadays?
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