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Greater Manchester Fantasy Network - Mikeonthebuses - 22/09/2019 08:23

I'm going to be sharing my ideas on how the Greater Manchester bus network can be simiplefried and better connected. to get manchester moving again and better connected.

I'm currently working out some routes ideas using data from 1986 network and the modern day network to create routes which will work.

I will release route in batches of ten as they get ready and I will showcase how many present day routes cover the proposed routes. I love to push the boundarys with my ideas to get the best out of the network.

RE: Greater Manchester Fantasy Network - Mikeonthebuses - 22/09/2019 11:07

Here is my first batch of routes Freebee 4/5/6, Express 7 and Express 9.

FreeBee 4 - Victoria Station Circular via Ancoats, Piccadilly Station, Gay Village, Oxford Road Station, Deansgate Station, Museum of Science, Spinningfields, Salford Central Station, Chapel Street.
FreeBee 5 - Piccadilly Station Circular via Ducie Street, Manchester Arena, Trinity Way, Middlewood Locks, Ordsall, MediaCity UK, Salford Quays, Cornbrook Metrolink Station, Deansgate, John Dalton, Spring Gardens, Coach Station
FreeBee 6 - Victoria Station - Piccadilly Station via NOMA, Ancoats, Manchester Piccadilly, Brook Street, Central Hospitals, Universitiy, Oxford Road Station, Bridgewater Hall, Midland Hotel, Albert Square, Spring Gardens, Coach Station [Ignore the routing up newton street as it not doable instead it now will terminate at Piccadilly Station]

Express 7 - Egerton - Manchester Shudehill via Bromley Cross, Tonge Moor, Bolton, Burnden, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Kearsley, Clifton, Pendlebury, Salford Uni, Chapel Street, Victoria Station
Express 9 - Horwich Parkway - Manchester Shudehill via Bolton F.C, Cooper Turning, Wingates, Chequerbent, Four Lane Ends, Greenheys, Walkden, Wardley, Swinton, Newtown, Pendlebury, Salford Uni, Chapel Street, Victoria Station

This ideas are only in there first phases and any little niggles will be ironed out once all the routes have been done and I'm open to feedback too