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Full Version: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
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With 2013 being the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I thought some like to discuss such a great British institution......
Which of the Doctor's has been the best for the show ?

I would have thought that with this being the 50th anniversary year there might have been more interest in the show , I really do wonder whether BBC have something hidden up there sleeves for us Doctor Who fans .
Now Matt Smith leaving Dr Who at the end of the Christmas Special has been one of the best kept secrets , this makes the Christmas Special a must see now .
Never been a fan of Matt Smith as the Doctor, hopefully the next Doctor will be a better fit and maybe the show will get better again. Or maybe the show has just run its course...
I've liked Matt Smith as the Doctor but have to agree that some of the recent story lines have been weak.
I do think that not story-lining the Doctor's greatest enemy the Daleks enough in the last couple of series was a mistake .
They killed it by allowing the Daleks to climb stairs that was the charm in the old days of seeing the daleks you knew if they went up stairs they wouldnt be following
The 50th Anniversary Edition of Dr Who was good , with John Hurt , David Tennant and Matt Smith.

To top it off there was a sting in the tail when the 4th Doctor Tom Baker (1974-1981) made an appearance as the National Gallery Curator with Matt Smith talking about the future.

Matt Smith regenerates at the end of the Christmas Day edition of Dr Who .
Now with the 60th Anniversary coming up........discuss.......
(31/10/2022 22:21)moreton407 Wrote: [ -> ]Now with the 60th Anniversary coming up........discuss.......

Millie Gibson, who until recently played Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street, is joining Doctor Who shortly.
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