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Full Version: Euro Bus Expo 2018
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Hi All,

Just updating my notes and was wondering if anybody who attended logged any VIN Numbers for the following (I seem to of misplaced some of mine, Doh!) Or know the registrations of the following, however I am aware some may yet to be registered. Anyway here goes;
Grey Arriva Bus & Coach Temsa MD9
Grey Arriva Bus & Coach Temsa Safari HD
Orange Mercedes Tourismo L
Silver Mercedes Tourismo M2
Metroline Optare Metrodecker EV
White Mercedes UNVI Touring GT

White Wrightbus Streetlite
Red Mercedes Tourismo
Yellow Mercedes Tourismo M2 'Safety Coach'
White Volvo B8R Sunsundegui SC5
White Volvo B11R Jonckheere JHV 2
White Arriva Bus & Coach Vanhool EX15
White Arriva Bus & Coach Vanhool EX16
White Scania Irizar i6S
Moseley VDL Futura 2
White Yutong TC9

Many Thanks to those able to assist.
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