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Full Version: Your open access operator
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If you were running a open access company what service would you provide, what trains would you use and what will you call it?.

Can be stocks out of storage, cascade or brand new stocks.

So far i came up with three:

Name: English Welsh & Scottish Railway (yes, resurrecting the name of a defunct freight company)
Service: Holyhead - Chester - Manchester - Leeds - Edinburgh - Aberdeen, 2-3 service each way
Stock: HST

Name: South Coast Trains
Service: Ashford International - Bournemouth/Weymouth via Brighton and Southampton, 1tp2h (extra service in summer months)
Stock: A 20m EMU with battery fitted (class 37X/350/2) or a new 23m 3 car bimode

Name: Grand Mainline
Service: London St Pancras - Chesterfield (1tp2h) with 2 service to Carlisle via Leeds and S&C line, 3 service to Liverpool via Manchester and Warrington and 2 service to Blackburn via Manchester (picc & vic), Todmorden and Burnley
Stock: Class 222
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