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A Sydney Transit bus is currently on fire on Sydney Harbour bridge leading to emergency repairs to the Bridge and a huge fire engulfing the bus it looks like either a custom bodied Volvo or Mercedes-Benz which I assume is a write off. Custom who are or where owned by Adl buses out here are renowned for fires but it's normally the Artics that normally go up not the rigids. It also appears to be the same side of the bridge as the train line which could lead to a closure of the Line via North sydney. It's unknown if this bus was a cng bus or a normal one.
Just seen a Man Double decker near the T way near the fitzwilliam stop
Rode my first King Long bodied Daewoo today with a company is Liverpool NSW was stunned to see it had GPS satellite view of the bus zoomed in and also a Rear Camera visible in the Saloon needless to say my opinion of cheap Chinese tat is improving.
12 people injured in wetherall park today as a Custom bodied Single deck bus crashed into a garbage truck

1294 is the bus and it's a Bus owned by the owners of the former First London ops

1884 has also been involved in a Crash near Manly and looks damaged but i guess will see service again.
S1980 of Brisbane Transport's Sherwood Depot has been disposed of it was the bus used in the terrorist attack against the Hindu bus driver by a deranged white man.
STA have finally stopped buying Bustech Bodied Scania's and have purchased some Swanky Custom Bodied B7RLE's I didn't know that the B7RLE was still produced baring in mind a few operators now seem to be buying B8RLE's

These have White LED's and are very similar to the Punchbowl CC's but with Better seating they are B47DW capacity and are based currently at Ryde and are replacing CC Bodied Mercedes Citaros even when step entry buses are still in service and numerous depot's
STA have been using buses to protect people from potential attacks during the vivid light festival. there is a genuine nasty vibe here similar to around the time of the martin place attack.
Blue Mountains tours are replacing their lothian deckers with those Buses that ensign have been buying in bulk.. The enterprise i think there called. odd seeing dual axle deckers here heres a link to some photos of them
Arriva are one of the companies after taking over Sydney Buses.
Sydney Buses region 6 will be taken over by the owners of Tower Transit
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