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Forum Guidelines - SK15 GZG


This set of guidelines is intended to help keep the forum a friendly community for enthusiasts without unfair criticism. Additional guidelines may be added or existing ones altered as need be over time. Most of all, please enjoy the forum! It is here for bus enthusiasts to discuss the hobby so please use it to the full.

1. Please be mindful that your posts do not or are not:

a) Offensive to any other person, whether members or non-members, including remarks about the disabled and racist, sexist or homophobic comments.
b) Unfairly critical of any company or their vehicles.
c) Libellous to either yourself or the site.
d) Spam or rubbish posts that are completely off-topic.
e) Repetitive asking of questions and queries where either it is clear that no one is aware of the answer and/or the answer is posted elsewhere on the site. With this rule, please use the search facility before asking questions as often the answers are already out there!
f) Encouraging bad behaviour and/or goading other members in any shape or form.

2. Do not post intentionally untrue information onto the forum. If something is speculation, make it clear in the posts. Be wary of the problems of some people believing rumours and the effects that can have on yourself and others.

3. Please use your own 'self-moderation' and review your posts prior to hitting the post button. Often re-reading a post will help you spot any spelling/grammatical errors etc. but crucially also help you think again about posting controversial, argumentative posts or any other potentially problematic posts to the forum.

4. When replying to posts, please only quote sections of post that are relevant to your reply. Please trim excessively long quotes as these do clutter the forum.

5. Don't feel obliged to reply to every post or thread if there isn't anything useful you can add to the discussion as this ends up drawing out discussions of a huge number of pages will little content in the posts.

6. Please avoid full capitalisation of thread titles as this can be perceived as shouting and aggressive.

In addition a few other guidelines are in place:

a) A member may request a username change no more than once every 12 months. When a request is made usually the change will be made for the member, however there are occasions were this won't be possible, such as when a username is very similar to another member.

b) Usernames should ideally not use the name of any existing company which could give the impression a member is a spokesperson for that company. The exception of course is where someone is a spokesperson or management of a company.

a) Signatures should be no more than 5 lines long and not include huge images or masses of multicoloured, moving or flashing text and images that could make it more difficult for the forum to be read by other members. Please avoid using dead links and/or images in your signature.

Reporting Posts:
a) If a member sees a post that clearly breaks any of the above guidelines we encourage them to use the Report button below the post in order to alert the moderators of the site to the problem. When a report is made, we ask that the member provides some detail as to what they believe the problem is.

All reports are read and kept in a lot on the forum, however not all reported posts will be edited or deleted. A decision will be made on a post-by-post basis regarding the action and should one member have several of their posts reported then further action may be taken.

When a member clearly breaks the guidelines with their posting, initially they will be warned for any relatively minor problem.

Should a problem persist or a recurring problem become apparent, members can expect to be placed on post moderation. During their time on post moderation, if the quality of their posts does not improve then a temporary ban may be made. Should their posting improve then their posts will be approved and once the moderation expires they will be free to post again as normal.

If a member repeatedly requires moderation and/or temporary banning, then the administrators will make a decision in regard to that member’s future on the forum with the worst case scenario being a permanent ban.

The majority of members have nothing to worry about - their posts are all within the bounds of the guidelines! Please remember that the last thing we want to do is to place people on moderation or issue warnings and decisions like this are only made with the rest of the membership in mind.

Any members who don't wish to or don't believe they can post within the bounds of the guidelines are free to contact the admin team and we will close your account on request.

Please remember too, the website is run entirely by volunteers who all have real life commitments that come before the website so we can't always reply to your posts and messages right away or act on reports.

If a member is on moderation and none of us is online we won't be able to approve your posts immediately either, but as soon as any of the forum team are online we will do our best to get through any messages.

Thank you,
507009, CX06 EBK, CX54 DKD and Y474 KNF.
DartSLF moderation team.
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