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Fleet Update: April 2014

Article by 50700916/04/14


4207 (LF02PKY) lays over on Corporation Street in St Helens ahead of working a 10A service back to Liverpool on 17/04/14.

General fleet update 16/04/14

The conversion of DAF DB250/Alexander ALX400s to open top for Rhyl depot continues at St Helens bodyshop. Three further examples due to arrive for conversion: 4042 and 4156 from Winsford and 4158 from Southport. The first DB250 to be converted, 4073, has been sighted on trial in the Manchester area. They are receiving a revised version of Arriva's sightseeing livery as well as leather seating upstairs.

Following the arrival of the six new Wright Pulsar 2s at Green Lane, 2670-2675 have been transferred to Bolton as cover buses. Bolton's existing fleet of Wright Pulsars is undergoing refurbishment to Sapphire standards.

Southport have received 4097 from Bootle as a replacement for 4158. During the Easter holidays, Southport's DB250s have been seeing use on the 43, 46 and 49 town routes, while St Helens' two Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Geminis have been regulars on the 10/10A corridor.
In Wales, Rhyl's 4140, 4160 and 2361 have all been withdrawn. Darts 2347 and 2359 have arrived from Wrexham and the defunct Aberystwyth respectively as replacements. The three Commanders which were on short-term loans have now joined their brethren at Bolton depot.

Brand new Enviro400s due 14/04/14

A brand new batch of nearly 50 Alexander Dennis Enviro400s is expected in summer 2014 for Speke, Southport and Rhyl depots in what will include Liverpool's first order for new double deckers since the 44 VDL DB300s that entered service in autumn 2011.

Southport are due 9 examples for the 375/385 route (Southport - Wigan) to replace the struggling Volvo B7TL/Alexander Dennis ALX400s, while Speke will receive approximately 20 to revitalise the flagship 86/86A service (Liverpool ONE - Garston/Liverpool Airport). A further 20 will be delivered to Rhyl, to upgrade the 12 route (Rhyl - Llandudno) to Arriva's luxury Sapphire standards. All of the new Enviro400s will boast free Wi-Fi facilities and leather seats.

4208 (LJ51DGY) laid up in Formby between rail replacement duties. Formerly VLW22 based at Wood Green, this example passed to Bootle.

Further Arriva London cascades arrive 13/04/14

A total of 36 double deckers have been cascaded in from Arriva London to begin the process of replacing the ageing DAF DB250/Alexander ALX400s and bolster the decker fleets at other depots. The last few months have seen 25 DAF DB250/Plaxton Presidents (formerly classified 'DLP') enter service at Wythenshawe and Bolton depots. These are numbered in the 4161-4185 range. Additionally, 11 Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini (formerly classified 'VLW') have arrived at Speke, Bootle, St Helens and Winsford depots, numbered 4206-4216.

Responsibility for refurbishing the buses was divided between Bus & Coach World in Blackburn, Thornton Brothers in Northumberland and St Helens bodyshop. The process included conversion to single-door operation, external repaint into Arriva 'Interurban' livery and an extensive internal refreshment. Seat backs, panelwork and handrails have been repainted, seat covers replaced with 'blue blocks' pattern and, in the case of the DLPs only, a vinyl floor added. The internal refresh has been done to a high standard, although the exteriors are less impressive with several variations between individual buses.
The list below includes registrations and the depot breakdown:
  • Wythenshawe (9): 4161 (LJ51DLN), 4162 (LJ51DLZ), 4163 (LJ51DLX), 4164 (LJ51DKY), 4165 (LF02PKD), 4166 (LF52UPS), 4167 (LJ51DLD), 4168 (LJ51DLU), 4169 (LF52UPR)
  • Bolton (16): 4170 (LF02PKA), 4171 (LJ51DLK), 4172 (LJ52URD), 4173 (LF52URG), 4174 (LF52URX), 4175 (LJ51OSX), 4176 (LJ51OSY), 4177 (LJ51OSZ), 4178 (LJ51ORA), 4179 (LF02PKJ), 4180 (LJ51ORG), 4181 (LJ51DLY), 4182 (LJ51DLV), 4183 (TBC), 4184 (TBC), 4185 (TBC)
  • St Helens (2): 4206 (LJ51DHF), 4207 (LF02PKY)
  • Bootle (2): 4208 (LJ51DGY), 4214 (LF02PKO)
  • Speke (5): 4209 (LJ51DHA), 4210 (LJ51DHV), 4211 (LJ51DHX), 4212 (LJ51DHY), 4213 (LJ51DJE)
  • Winsford (2): 4215 (LJ51DHD), 4216 (LF02PKZ)


General fleet update 16/04/14

A significant new arrival at Gillmoss is 80022 (SN63VTX), a full-height Alexander Dennis Enviro400H fitted with a Euro VI engine painted in overall silver. This bus has arrived from Hyde Road depot in Manchester, and it is covering for Euro VI Enviro300 27905 which has gone to the Alexander Dennis facility at Guildford. 80022 made its service début in Liverpool on 16/04/14, working the 82 and 86 routes.

Two Darts have joined the Gillmoss fleet from Stagecoach Manchester, 33099 and 33100, both entering service without having their Manchester price decals removed. Meanwhile, it is understood MAN 18.240/Enviro300 24180 has become the first of its type to receive a Cummins engine in a bid to improve this fleet's poor fuel economy.

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